Cutting Edge Delay Analysis

Orizo Consult’s vision – Cutting Edge Delay Analysis – is to modernize and normalize the delay analysis industry to deliver Excellence. We believe this can be achieved through a combination of academic training, embracing technology and undertaking extensive collaborations.

Our Experts and staff are regularly trained through certified courses, as well as in-house internal sessions. Being a great leader not only depends on knowledge, but does also require an ability to inspire and give this knowledge back. The Orizo Academy offers a set of contents we prepared specially for Delay Analysis and Arbitration enthusiasts, with the ambition to inform and educate all actors of the industry.

Orizo Academy Resources

Newsletter - Delay Analysis 101 Series

This newsletter comes as a series of essays which aim to introduce key delay analysis concepts and techniques to non-specialist individuals such as lawyers, in-house counsels, schedulers, contract managers or project directors. We expect to publish twice per quarter, perhaps slightly more frequently when the team gets inspired.

The contents purposely remain at a high level. We also offer our Cutting-Edge series, which targets a more specialized audience by addressing delay analysis subjects with greater depths.

Newsletter - Cutting Edge Delay Analysis Series

This newsletter aims to provide in-depth, technical insights on advanced topics related to construction delay analysis, and to provide a forum for engaging amongst specialists. The targeted audience for this series includes experts in the field as well as less experienced practitioners looking to enhance their knowledge and skills. Lawyers and in-house counsel may also benefit from the content, although it should be noted that the articles are geared towards those with an engineering background.

Hosted by our Founder Amaël Olivier, we expect to publish once or twice per quarter, perhaps slightly more frequently when inspiration is at a high. We are also always looking for guest hosts; whether you practice as a solo Expert or within a larger structure, do get in touch if you would like to contribute.

The first articles in the series were originally intended to focus on delay analysis. However, due to the overwhelming number of requests from friends, colleagues, and peers, we have decided to start the series with a discussion on AI, particularly large language models (LLM) such as GPT and its most popular use case: Chat GPT. Equipped with Orizo Software – our branch focused on productivity – we always keep a close eye on new AI technology developments. Acting as both a construction delay expert at Orizo Consult and CTO at Orizo Software, Amaël Olivier shares a multidisciplinary view on modern AI, its potential role in delay analysis, and more generally in the forensic consulting world.