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Cutting Edge Delay Analysis

We deliver specialist construction delay analysis expertise, worldwide

At Orizo Consult international, we are dedicated to the highest standard of expertise in construction delay and quantum analysis. We specialize in independent expert testimonies and strategic claim drafting. Deep technical knowledge, ongoing staff training, and collaboration with industry leaders enable us to consistently deliver unparalleled excellence.

Quality and innovation are at the core of our services. We pioneer cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions for delay analysis, developed in-house by our AI specialists. We are also in the process of obtaining ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications, underscoring our dedication to maintaining the utmost standards in both quality management and cybersecurity.

We serve the interests of our clients through a culture of precision, honesty, and user-friendly communication. Partner with Orizo Consult and experience premium expert services.


Cutting Edge

Award Winning Experts

Our experts are featured by independent listings such as Who is Who Legal.

20+ Years in Arbitration

Our Experts cumulate over two decades of experience in international arbitration.

80+ Years of Projects

Our Experts and staff total over eighty years of engagements in international projects.

€ 1 M to 3,500 M

We work on some of the most complex construction projects in the world.

3+ Languages

We testify in English, Spanish, and French. We also have capabilities in Catalan, Portuguese and Arabic.

50+ Countries

Each place is special. We worked under a wide range of cultures and jurisdictions, across the 5 continents.

70+ Projects

Energy, renewables, infrastructure, oil & gas, rail, road, ports, airports, residential. We tackle a wide variety of projects.

International Recognition

Our proven workflow will rely on the most adequate method recognized internationally for your project.

Quality Guaranteed

The validity of our deliverables is guaranteed by contract and currently being certified ISO 9001.

Your Data is Safe

We implement a Zero Trust policy, supported and protected by cybersecurity providers such as IBM.

Orizo Academy

With our unique base of learning contents, we inspire Delay Analysis and Arbitration enthusiasts.

Beyond Expectations

We have an exceptionally high level of client retention. We can provide referrals from world leading Contractors and Law firms upon request.

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“Choosing Orizo Consult International goes beyond merely securing a service. It represents an invaluable opportunity to engage with seasoned professionals who are not only passionate but also deeply experienced in navigating project management crises, forensics, and negotiation techniques. We pride ourselves on delivering uncompromised quality in everything we do. True to our ethos, we believe that a good partner not only over-delivers but also treats clients with the utmost humanity and honesty. At Orizo Consult, you are not just another client – you are a valued partner.”

Amaël Olivier

Founding Partner, Cutting Edge Delay Expert

We are Global

Our staff cumulates experience all around the globe.

Client Testimonials

"When I spoke to the client a few days ago, the senior in house lawyer was full of praise for your work. He said that you have been extremely helpful, the quality of your work has been excellent and that the client’s team has enjoyed working with you. He is sure that they will be looking to work with you again in the future."
Independent Delay & Quantum Analysis
Infrastructure project in Northern Europe
"[…] very significant projects, involving complex questions of delay and I have always found you to be, by far, the most user-friendly delay analyst I have worked with. The quality of your work speaks for itself, and I would have no hesitation in recommending you on future projects. Hopefully we will work together again soon."
Claim & Expert Witness assessments
3x infrastructure projects in Europe & Asia
"Amaël […] has undertaken detailed and highly complex analysis of the critical path and delays incurred across many different aspects of the project involving tunnelling, earthworks and road construction elements. He has demonstrated an ability rapidly to process vast quantities of contemporaneous record data on large projects in order to assist in the identification of the actual critical path, thereby providing excellent value to the client contractor. […] Throughout, in all my dealings with him, he has demonstrated professionalism, objectivity and independence whilst at the same time being able to work as part of the team to provide realistic and convincing conclusions, rather than simply a product of computer analysis. I am happy to recommend Amaël Olivier to provide expert analysis and advice in his particular field."
Expert Witness assessment
Infrastructure project in Africa
"I would like to thank you for your proven commitment to provide us with a very high standard and technically valid offer. This guarantees your straight participation in the upcoming tenders that will be taking place as a result of other arbitral proceedings on the way."
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Expert Witness assessments
Major global provider of utilities
“Amaël worked with me in the matter of an ICC Arbitration […]. The context of this dispute was challenging […]. Yet, Amaël was able to assist the tribunal by presenting two analyses: one relying upon a retrospective view, mostly based on the factual evidence disclosed by the client; and an alternative assessment relying on a prospective view, which he supported mainly with the evidence reported by the opposing party […]. This clever approach allowed the tribunal to confidently identify the spectrum in dispute and to focus on the elements which truly mattered. […] His deliverables were well presented and illustrated, which surely was appreciated by the arbitrator. Amaël was great to working with and I will not hesitate to hire Orizo Consult again in the future.”
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Expert Witness assessment
Energy capital project in Africa
“I work with Amaël on a regular basis since 2019. His appointments related to various infrastructure disputes, including capital projects […]. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to review the work of many expert witnesses. Right from the beginning, I could tell Amaël stood out of the crowd. He is technically extremely knowledgeable on his field of delay analysis expertise, but [also on] highly technical engineering matters. He has this rare ability to dive into an ocean of documents and spot the detail which makes the difference. He then translates the complexities of his assessment into that plain language which clients and arbitrators value so much. […] I would be very happy to recommend Amaël for the undertaking of construction delay expert independent assessments, should this be under the context of a negotiation or a formal arbitration dispute.”
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Independent Delay Analysis
7x collaborations on energy projects in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Latam


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