Contractors and project owners reach out to us to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and assist on how best to present their construction delay cases.

Orizo provides claims drafting services in the field of delay analysis. Our expert Amaël Olivier has reviewed an extensive variety of delayed construction projects relating to the infrastructure, energy, industrial, and residential sectors.

Our mastering of delay analysis techniques allows us to suggest convincing approaches to each case. We help you to understand where you are weak, where you are strong, and to identify which angle of negotiation is likely to work best. We can also assist in the production of a fully documented claim report.


Thanks to our passionate team and the unique past experience of our founder alongside market-leading Experts, Orizo Consult delivers beyond expectations.

70+ Projects

Energy, renewables, infrastructure, oil & gas, rail, road, ports, airports, residential. We tackle a wide variety of projects.

20+ Years in Arbitration

Our Experts cumulate over two decades of experience in international arbitration.

It is NOT Project Management

We don’t do what you do best, you call us to do the rest.