We thoroughly review project documentation in order to identify the causes and extent of complex project delays. We provide independent opinions to Law firms, contractors, project owners, and investors.

Delay analysis is at the heart of Orizo’s expertise. Our assessments enable the preparation of extension of time claims against liquidated damages, and allow the calculation of financial damages such as direct and indirect prolongation costs, loss of revenue, etc. Delay analyses are typically incorporated into claims or expert witness reports, but are also useful when monitoring project performance.


Thanks to our passionate team and the unique experience of our market-leading Experts, Orizo Consult International delivers beyond expectations.

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Energy, renewables, infrastructure, oil & gas, rail, road, ports, airports, residential. We tackle a wide variety of projects.

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Our proven workflow will rely on the most adequate method recognized internationally for your project.

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The validity of our deliverables is guaranteed by contract and currently being certified ISO 9001.