Excited to have Paul-Alain Pichereau joining our Key Partners!

Paul-Alain is a seasoned civil engineer and Expert in construction project management and delay analysis. He cumulates over 8 years of experience in more than 15 countries, assisting clients on a wide range of projects, including: power plants, infrastructure, high-rise buildings, oil and gas, and industrial facilities. He holds a Master in Civil Engineering from French Ecole des Mines.

Paul-Alain and our founder Amaël Olivier have worked together for many years. Collaborating at a closer level was the most logical move. Yet, we are thrilled to confirm our aligned vision of offering top-tier modern delay analysis services, in short: cutting edge!

He works in French, English, and is catching up with Spanish.

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Announcing the incorporation of Paul-Alain Pichereau as Senior Manager and Key Partner.
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